Consisting of 4 rounds of shots
(6-8 Weeks) (9-11 Weeks) (12-14 Weeks) (15-17 Weeks)

Annual Exam / Da2ppv or Da2pplv / Bordetella / Rabies + Rabies Tag / Lyme / 4DX Snap Test / Wellness Bloodwork / Fecal Float/Direct / Pain Meds / Nail Trim (Complementary) / Ear Cleaning (Complementary)

Annual Exam / FVRCP+FELV / FELV/FIV Snap Test / Fecal Float/Direct / Rabies + Rabies Tag / Nail Trim (Complementary) / Ear Cleaning (Complementary)

Examination / Wellness Bloodwork / X-rays / Ultrasound

As dogs grow older, their bodies become less able to cope with physical or environmental stress. Their immune systems become weaker, and they are more prone to developing certain diseases, or conditions including:  Arthritis, Cancer (especially testicular or breast), Kidney Disease,  Prostate Disease,  Cognitive (Brain) Disorders, Liver Disease, Deafness Diabetes Mellitus (Sugar Diabetes), Vision problems, Dental Disease


It's important to keep your pets teeth checked and clean.
Dental disease is the most common disease seen by veterinarians. 70-85% of pets over the age of 2 have some form of dental disease.

Here are some signs:
Bad Breath
Yellow, Brown or Discolored Teeth
Pain when Eating
Loose Teeth
Red, Inflamed Gums
Swollen Mouth, Jaw or Gums
Doesn’t play with chew toys as often


X-ray technology allows our veterinarians to capture images of the bones and internal organs. There are many reasons why we might recommend a X-ray.

bathing & grooming

Our luxurious baths remove dirt, debris, and pet odor. If skin problems are an issue we also offer medicated baths to help soothe and stop the itching.  Services include nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression. De-shedding is also available. We also offer professional grooming for your pet as well.

Baths & grooming are by appointment only.


We offer a large inventory of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, regular and medicated shampoos, and prescription food.

We guarantee flea / tick preventatives and heartworm preventatives purchased from us.

Looking for an online pharmacy? Here are a few online pharmacies we will approve prescriptions through:


Lacerations & Wounds / CPR / Trauma / Fluid Therapy / Toxicity and Poison Ingestion / Transfusion Medicine

Call 662-234-8022, and a doctor will call you back in an appropriate amount of time.

If you have not received a call back within 30 minutes, contact Animal Clinic of Oxford for assistance.


Microchipping your pet is a permanent ID if your pet is lost or stolen.  

A microchip will not “wear out”, it can permanently and positively identify your pet and link back to you once it is registered.  If your pet is picked up and taken to a shelter or vet, once scanned, the i.d. number will by used to identify your information.


Here at Family Pet Hospital we take all available safety precautions with every patient who is put under anesthesia. Your pet’s safety is our main concern.

As a safety measure all patients should have pre-anesthetic blood testing and an IV catheter with fluid drip during surgery and recovery. This combination will assist us in stabilizing your pet’s blood pressure and maintaining proper hydration during their procedure, as well as providing the staff with direct access to your pet’s bloodstream in the case that additional medications are needed. The blood test focuses mainly on liver and kidney functions. These two organs filter and flush toxins out of the body, such as the anesthesia drugs that will be used during the sedation of your pet. By testing prior to sedation the doctor will be able to recognize any abnormalities, and can either adjust the anesthesia accordingly or postpone the surgery so that the problem can be treated first. If pet is being spayed and is either pregnant or in heat, there may be an additional surgery fee.

We also have state of the art Leading Edge monitoring system checking ECG, Blood pressure, Temperature, Respiratory rate, Heart rate & SPO2.

Spay / Neuters / Orthopedic Procedures / Soft Tissue / Exploratory


When using our boarding facility we want your pet to feel at home. Our staff treats all pets as if they were part of our own family.

We carefully monitor all pets while boarding. If we feel that there is any reason for concern, we notify the veterinarian for examination. All pets are let out in our fenced in backyard 3 times daily (Leash or Free walk) which ever you prefer. We also feed Hill’s Science Diet to all boarding pets, unless you bring your own.

Pets must be picked up by 12(NOON) or you will be charged for that day of boarding. Sunday pick ups at 5:00PM are available by prepay. For cancellations you must call 24 hrs prior to your reservation or there will be a $20 cancellation fee.

(3) Orange Runs - (11) Blue Runs - (3) Deluxe Runs - (6) Small cages - (3) Medium cages - (2) Large cages - (4) XL cages

lab work

CBC and Chemistry
Lyme Disease
Anaplas Ehrlichia
Felv/Fiv Snap Test
Fecal Float/Direct
Spectrum Allergy Test
Parvo Test
Thyroid Panel

We also have access to Idexx Reference Laboratory for any other diagnostics we may need.